Chapter 05 – Parenting Healthy Habits

Parents are role models for children. Habit formation starts in childhood. If parents follow healthy habits, children are also more likely to form the habit. To make children physically active, parents must follow certain tips.


1. You make physical activity part of …………….. routines.
2. Sometimes due to bad weather, busy schedule, being tired and health issues, you cannot encourage or plan physical activities. At such time,
3. When your ward spends more time in watching television and any other screen,
4. The primary responsibility of children is to study, and so you let your children study and do not encourage doing,
5. During exam time, when your ward wants to go out to play with his friends,
6. When you visit for Parent teacher meeting,
7. To encourage the children to be active, you
8. When your ward does not want to go out to play,
9. When your ward wants to visit to water parks and sports clubs to try different games
10. Simple running, jogging and exercise can be boring and monotonous for children. So you must also find some fun activities that their wards would like to do for physical exercise. For example,


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