Parents should be ready for a few changes in life.


If you become a parent, then be ready for a few significant changes in life.

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It is true that children are God’s most beautiful gifts. Becoming a parent is the most significant day in anyone’s life. What can be more important than having the ability to give birth to healthy and happy babies? So parenting is both a great honour and a great responsibility.

Children play an essential role in the life of their parents for various reasons-

1.Kids become the family, and the role of a child in a family is to grow up to become an adult. Children are a priceless investment in the family future.

2.Kids in the family increase more enthusiasm, love and future in the family. The children give the parents a chance to see the world through fresh eyes and also restore the magic and innocence of life which fades with age.

3.Kids impart new identity to parents in the family.

4 The children are the continuous source of hope for the parents.

5 The children require great care and so in the process of nurturing the kids, parents learn many things which shape their personality. What could be more important than having the ability to produce healthy and happy babies?

6 However, it has sometimes been seen that kids are given birth under social pressure. It is also because members of the family want this.

7 Also sometimes it is for uniting the family.

8 Parenting is a great honour, and so some people plan babies for the status of the family.

9 Sometimes people in society want to have babies because everyone else is doing so.

10.Some people are not sure about the things they want or do not want to do in their life. They produce children to make some meaning in their lives.

Hence, it is more important to understand that parenting is a great responsibility. Although the family, society and teacher play a vital role in the upbringing of the child, the part of parents influences him the most.

Individuals make a society, and the strength and quality of any society depend on the growth of its people.

This means that mental, physical, financial, spiritual, practical and moral quality of individuals is the mirror of society. Therefore, the development of the person must be together on the various aspects mentioned above.

It is the responsibility of parents to focus on the overall development of their children so that the child is developed in a responsible citizen of the society.

So is it easy to do?

Generally speaking, good parenting is not considered an easy task for parents. Also, the education of good upbringing is not under any education system, and there is no specific training.

Without knowing how to nurture children, what are the needs of children, what is right for them; we become parents and try to raise children from the trial and error method.

It would have been good if the curriculum prepared for the upbringing would also be included in the education system.

Development in children:

The physical, intellectual, emotional, social, sensational and functional development begins just after the birth.
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