How can I overcome my depression?

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Patience is one factor that plays an essential role in solving many problems.

How Can I Overcome my depression?

“I am completely devastated due to my family problems and job.

It seems that I have lost the energy to fight my current circumstances.

How can I overcome my depression?”

Whenever we fall sick, we go to the doctor.

We come back completely healthy from there.

However, when the doctor falls sick, he treats himself because he knows the cause and treatment of his illness.

Similarly, in adverse situations in life, we have to become doctors.

These adverse conditions are like sickness, if we react with the right attitude, then problems can be over.

In general, our attitude towards adverse conditions of life becomes so negative that despite knowing their solutions, we can not cope adequately with the situation.

However, when someone shares issues of life with us, then we recommend the best solution possible.

It is astonishing that we have a solution to their problems, but when we come under such circumstances, our attitude towards the problem changes.

In this article, you will find ways in detail to find solutions to your problems and the ways to overcome depression

First of all, you will have to become your best friend.

For this, you will have to look at yourself in the mirror.

The one you are watching is your true friend.

Now the way you advise your friends, relatives and family members, similarly, you will have to encourage and help your friend.

What may you have to do to help your friend?

1. All will be fine:

Although it is a simple mantra, its meaning is profound. It means the result of any circumstances will be alright. We just have to choose the right path to achieve success.
So, you should explain to your friend that whatever situation she/he is facing now, one day everything will be fine.

2. Solutions to keep a positive approach:

Having an evening walk in the nearby park or market area,
Going to a gym for exercises,
Playing sports with friends or in a sports club,
Going out shopping
Listening to music
Watching a favourite movie or anything that brings happiness.

You have to persuade your friend to do something like that because doing so will reduce stress.

Any work that pleases the mind reduces stress and increases the ability to think positively.

A person can find a solution to any problem only when his mind is relaxed, and he thinks positively.

3. You should advise your friend to talk to a relative, counsellor or friend about his dilemmas.

That is because if we share our dilemmas with anyone, we can get a solution.

It would be good if we consult with a professional counsellor.

In conclusion, we must share out thoughts with someone who may not only listen but also understands the situation.

4. To solve the problem, we require time and patience.

Patience is one factor that plays an essential role in solving many problems.

Sometimes, problems are like a knot entangled in a thread.

Like, if a thread entangles, it becomes challenging to free it, but if we take the thread and open its knots one by one we can free the thread from entangles.

However, if we try to open all the knots at once, it gets more entangled.

Similarly, in solving any problem, patience and time play a significant role.

If you lose a job, it may be due to some reasons.

If you could spend time finding the reasons for your job loss, then maybe the reason for job loss would be something on which you have no control like global recession, lay off etc.

You need to pay attention to those reasons. And then, looking at the current scenario in the market, try to find a new job.
If you work with time and discretion, then you will definitely get a good job.

5.  Start living in the present:

Whatever has happened in the past no one has control over that. We just have control over the present moments.

If we make the best use of our present, then the future will definitely be delightful.


6. Live every moment in life:


Planning a lot of things creates tension in the mind. Therefore, if we live with a positive attitude every day, then problems in life will be resolved gradually.

Sometimes, we take our problems too seriously. If we look around, we will find people suffering from different issues in their lives.

Like your problem of job loss and family issues, you will find many people are facing the same challenges. And they try to resolve those challenges in their way.

So you also move slowly towards improving your life.

7.   Engage yourself in some activities:


It is advisable to engage everyone in some work to ward off problems.

It reduces stress and makes everyone more complete and gratifying.

8.    Acceptance is the truth


Life is the combination of both happiness and misery. The way we accept the joy in life, we should also take the sufferings in the same way. No one’s life is always happy or always sad. Life has both the shades, try to understand this fact.


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