Chapter 06 – Stay Positive, Stay Happy

No one wants any unpleasant event to happen in their life. But in reality, it happens unscheduled. So, when things become troublesome in life, people give up all hope and think that they will never be able to come out of their problems. However, if they are positive and optimistic, they get over their issues easily.

Therefore, one must be optimistic to face the unexpected mishap patiently. Optimism has been found to be one of the key characteristics of resilient people. If someone is a pessimist, he can become an optimist by changing his thinking.


1. You don't give up hope in case of an unexpected mishap in life, rather you react patiently, and you don't panic.
2. You are always running out of time, You feel exhausted in your daily schedule
3. You day dream some imaginary problems about your near and dear ones.
4. When you run into a problem, you brainstorm to find a solution, and if you can't find the solution on your own, you discuss it with others to help you.
5. When something goes wrong you wonder why it happened.
6. You believe in taking safe and calculated risks to grow in life.


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