Chapter 08 – Importance of effective Communication

An intelligent speaker raises his demands, criticizes and debates some issues, but states everything in such a way that the recipient gets the message successfully without any negativity.

So, many of us need to learn a few important skills to communicate more clearly and effectively. Whether you are trying to improve communication with your spouse, kids, boss, or co-workers, learning these skills can help you deepen your relationships with others. You may gain more trust and respect which will improve overall social and emotional relationships.


1. When talking to someone - your feelings and words sometimes match and sometimes do not match.
2. When you are asking for a favor or delegating a responsibility-

You use clear and direct statements, for example, Will you clear the table? You never speak overly politely, for example, will you be able to clear the table after you have finished your work, of course if you have time?
3. When you're angry with someone about something, you blame that person for the problem, rather than tell him/ her how you feel.


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