Chapter 05 – Best ways to control your anger outbursts

We observe that some people get angry very quickly. They cannot control themselves under any circumstances.

A little anger is not bad and is natural, but when anger gets out of control, it harms both the surrounding relationship and the health. Relationships can be very bad at times and sometimes even break. Because what is said in anger is often quite bitter, which people cannot tolerate at all. Therefore, you should know how to deal with anger.

Also, anger has a direct effect on health as well. Due to constant anger, people’s BP increases and stress hormones become uncontrolled, due to which their immune system also becomes weak. Therefore, learning to control anger is essential for everyone.


1. When you're angry - you speak louder, you blow things out of proportion.
2. You have a habit of speaking and discussing the issue in a low tone
3. You constantly feel irritable for one reason or the other.
4. You mostly feel that nothing good is happening, something bad must happen.
5. You want everyone to agree with what you think and say.


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